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Economic Update | Vietnam tourism arrival numbers up in first half 2017

20 Jul 2017
Vietnam Tourism
New air routes and relaxed visa restrictions in Vietnam are boosting foreign arrivals and supporting growth in the country’s tourism industry, though there are concerns that overexploitation of...

Economic Update | Vietnam courts foreign investment in an expanding logistics sector

30 Jun 2017
Vietnam Logistics
With a rapidly expanding economy, the capacity for growth in both domestic and international trade is increasing Vietnam’s appeal to foreign operators in the logistics sector.

Economic Update | Vietnam looks to private sector to fund infrastructure

26 May 2017
Vietnam Economy
A need to fund infrastructure projects vital to expanding Vietnam’s economy and boosting connectivity is pushing its government to turn to the private sector for support.

Economic Update | Vietnam to facilitate SME growth through financing and tax incentives

26 Apr 2017
Vietnam SME
Increased access to funding and new legislation are among the measures being rolled out by the Vietnamese government to support the country’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Economic Update | Health coverage improves as Vietnam experiences demographic changes

20 Mar 2017
Vietnam Medical
Vietnam is working to expand health insurance coverage and improve health care delivery, with demand expected to increase as the country’s elderly population grows.

Economic Update | Vietnam sharpens focus on regional ties

27 Feb 2017
Vietnam trade and investment
As it takes over as chair of APEC this year, Vietnam will be working towards promoting growth and enhanced regional integration, while also pushing its own reform agenda at home.