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Economic Update | Sri Lanka’s tourism industry looks to India for growth

28 Aug 2017
Sri Lanka Tourism
Increased access for air travellers, stronger advertising campaigns and enhanced bilateral cooperation are underpinning Sri Lanka’s push to expand its foothold in one of the world’s largest potential...

Economic Update | Cooler credit growth forecast for Sri Lanka’s banks

21 Jul 2017
Sri Lanka Banking
Following several years of high lending, hiked interest rates and the pursuit of Basel III compliance, credit growth in Sri Lanka could slow this year and into 2018.

Economic Update | Sri Lanka exports to rise after regaining GSP+ status

27 Jun 2017
Sri Lanka Trade and Investment
The recent decision by the EU to reinstate Sri Lanka to its tariff exemption scheme, designed to assist developing countries in achieving upper-middle-income status, should serve to boost exports and...

Economic Update | Sri Lanka pushes ahead with renewable agenda

30 May 2017
Sri Lanka Energy
Enhancing Sri Lanka’s renewable capacity is a key aim of new proposals for the power sector, with the threat of climate change also engendering a shift in the country’s energy mix.

Economic Update | Sri Lanka seeks to carve out niche in medical tourism

21 Apr 2017
Sri Lanka Tourism
Rising numbers of tourists from abroad and a state-led campaign to expand medical tourism could attract further investment to Sri Lanka’s health care sector, creating additional opportunities for its...

Economic Update | Sri Lanka’s manufacturers make steady progress

8 Mar 2017
Sri Lanka Manufacturing Industry
Rising demand and expectations of stronger sales should sustain growth in Sri Lankan manufacturing in 2017, though labour shortages will need to be addressed to maintain this trajectory.