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Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago looks to boost strategic trade ties

28 Jun 2016
TT trade
New trade and investment agreements are expected to help Trinidad and Tobago offset lower hydrocarbons revenues, while helping the country extend its reach beyond the region.

Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago looks to tourism

29 May 2016
T&T tourism
As Trinidad and Tobago looks to offset lower hydrocarbons revenues, a strong increase in tourist arrivals is providing a more optimistic outlook for diversification.

Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago gears up for educational reform

20 Apr 2016
T&T edu
A streamlining of the country’s post-secondary support programme is the driving force behind a recently launched review of Trinidad and Tobago’s higher education system. 

Economic Update | Tobago desalination project moves a step closer

31 Mar 2016
T&T utilities
A planned desalination project in Tobago looks to be moving forward, as part of broader efforts to ease the impact of water shortages on the island’s residents and economy.

Economic Update | US market access restored for melamine producers in Trinidad & Tobago

25 Feb 2016
T&T industry
A favourable court ruling has cleared the way for local petrochemicals firm Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited (MHTL) to resume exports of melamine to the US.

Economic Update | Trinidad & Tobago Year in Review 2015

27 Jan 2016
As a challenging year drew to a close, Trinidad and Tobago’s newly elected Prime Minister Keith Rowley told the nation to expect a combination of growth-oriented solutions and difficult spending...