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Economic Update | Bond issuance among efforts to improve Bahrain’s fiscal position

24 Aug 2017
Bahrain Bonds
The kingdom of Bahrain launched another round of conventional bond and sukuk (Islamic bond) issuances last month, as the government looks to bridge projected fiscal deficits for both this year and...

Economic Update | Jordan steps up airport upgrades and flights to key destinations

21 Aug 2017
Jordan Tourism
An overhaul of Jordan’s airport infrastructure, coupled with an increase in flights, could provide a welcome boost to the country’s tourism sector.

Economic Update | Qatar focuses on preventive care in new national health strategy

31 Jul 2017
Qatar Health care
Healthy lifestyle promotion will be a key component of Qatar’s new six-year health strategy, as it takes proactive measures to reduce the prevalence of non-communicable diseases and lighten the...

Economic Update | Utilities privatisation in Saudi Arabia forges ahead

28 Jul 2017
Saudi Arabia Utilities
Moves to privatise utilities assets in Saudi Arabia and expand the reach of its networks through increased investment should create new opportunities for private operators and service providers.

Economic Update | New park in Sharjah to increase opportunities in food processing

27 Jul 2017
Sharjah Manufacturing
New projects and investments related to food processing are strengthening Sharjah’s manufacturing sector and lending themselves to attempts to improve food security across the UAE.

Economic Update | Demographics and reforms expected to benefit Oman’s real estate sector

27 Jul 2017
Oman Real Estate
While real estate transaction figures continue to reflect a more cautious macroeconomic environment, potential reforms could pave the way for Oman’s property market to regain some of its dynamism...