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Economic Update | Jordan moves to modernise education sector

26 Jun 2017
Jordan education
Efforts to increase Jordan’s digital literacy rates against a backdrop of changing demographics and skills gaps in the labour market are beginning to yield results.

Economic Update | Retail growth forecast for Sharjah

22 Jun 2017
Sharjah retail
Developers are capitalising on Sharjah’s appeal as a retail destination, driving a strong flow of new developments and expansions in retail real estate.

Economic Update | Kuwaiti banks look to customers’ digital needs

21 Jun 2017
Kuwait banking
Banking in Kuwait is undergoing a digital transformation, as the state’s strongest non-oil economic sector increasingly moves to meet demand from a young, tech-savvy population.

Economic View | Paddy Padmanathan, President & CEO, ACWA Power, on the Saudi private sector and development of the renewable energy industry

19 Jun 2017
Paddy Padmanathan
What greater role do you think the Saudi private sector can take with the launch of Vision 2030?

Economic Update | Expansion of Abu Dhabi’s industrial zones set to spur diversification

15 Jun 2017
Abu Dhabi Industry
As Abu Dhabi looks to fulfil economic diversification targets as part of both its medium- and long-term development strategies, its already strong industrial base continues to develop as a key...

Economic Update | Major deals a milestone in US-Saudi business ties

31 May 2017
Saudi Arabia Economy
Coinciding with a visit from US President Donald Trump, the inaugural Saudi-US CEO Forum on May 20 in Riyadh saw a series of deals signed between numerous companies in both the oil and non-oil...