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Economic Update | International cooperation pushes Malaysia towards higher education goals

12 Jul 2017
Malaysia higher education
Malaysia is strengthening its position as a destination for international students, having recently inked bilateral deals related to tertiary-level education with partners in Turkey and Senegal.

Economic View | Mohd Yazid Ja’afar, Chief Executive, Johor Petroleum Development Corporation, on local oil and gas developments

11 Jul 2017
Mohd Yazid Ja’afar
How is the Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex (PIPC) project progressing?

Economic View | Mohammad Azul Shah, Chairman, Global Halal Alliance, on expanding the international halal industry

11 Jul 2017
Mohammad Azul Shah
Does the halal industry have the potential to compete against conventional industrial global value chains?

Economic Update | Vietnam courts foreign investment in an expanding logistics sector

30 Jun 2017
Vietnam Logistics
With a rapidly expanding economy, the capacity for growth in both domestic and international trade is increasing Vietnam’s appeal to foreign operators in the logistics sector.

Economic View | Mitsuhiro Kimura, General Manager, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

28 Jun 2017
Mitsuhiro Kimura
What sectors of the Myanmar economy are Japanese investors most interested in?

Economic Update | Sri Lanka exports to rise after regaining GSP+ status

27 Jun 2017
Sri Lanka Trade and Investment
The recent decision by the EU to reinstate Sri Lanka to its tariff exemption scheme, designed to assist developing countries in achieving upper-middle-income status, should serve to boost exports and...