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Economic Update | Sri Lanka seeks to carve out niche in medical tourism

21 Apr 2017
Sri Lanka Tourism
Rising numbers of tourists from abroad and a state-led campaign to expand medical tourism could attract further investment to Sri Lanka’s health care sector, creating additional opportunities for its...

Economic Update | Prospects brighten for aviation in Papua New Guinea

21 Apr 2017
PNG Transport
New investment in airport infrastructure should help drive growth in Papua New Guinea’s aviation sector ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit the country is scheduled to host...

Economic Update | Construction draws interest from private investors in Malaysia

19 Apr 2017
Malaysia Construction
High levels of private sector investment are expected to drive growth in Malaysia’s construction industry this year, with investors seeking opportunities in the regions of Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.

Economic Update | Malaysia’s energy industry sees a stronger 2017

31 Mar 2017
Malaysia Energy
Despite lower hydrocarbons earnings last year, Malaysia is moving forward with targeted energy investment and improved operational practices.

Economic Update | Thailand works to liberalise insurance sector

31 Mar 2017
Thailand insurance
Reforms lifting foreign ownership ceilings may prompt a wave of overseas investment in Thailand’s insurance sector, though the industry’s highly competitive environment could also see smaller...

Economic Update | Philippines looks to Asia-Pacific partners to advance agriculture exports

29 Mar 2017
Philippines Agriculture
Increased export opportunities in the region should help drive further growth in the Philippines’ agriculture industry, which expanded strongly last year after overcoming the impact of natural...