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Economic Update | Modernisation fuels new lending in Myanmar’s banking sector

20 Mar 2017
Myanmar Banking
Foreign banks may be granted greater access to Myanmar’s domestic financial market as a way of servicing local demand for trade financing.

Economic Update | Health coverage improves as Vietnam experiences demographic changes

20 Mar 2017
Vietnam Medical
Vietnam is working to expand health insurance coverage and improve health care delivery, with demand expected to increase as the country’s elderly population grows.

Economic Update | Major infrastructure project opens doors for ICT in Indonesia

20 Mar 2017
Indonesia ICT
State investment in infrastructure and high consumer spending forecasts are set to drive growth in Indonesia’s ICT sector.

Economic View | OBG talks to Daw Ei Phyusin Htay, Managing Director, Barons Group

20 Mar 2017
Daw Ei Phyusin Htay
What is the ideal energy mix for Myanmar?

Economic Update | Sri Lanka’s manufacturers make steady progress

8 Mar 2017
Sri Lanka Manufacturing Industry
Rising demand and expectations of stronger sales should sustain growth in Sri Lankan manufacturing in 2017, though labour shortages will need to be addressed to maintain this trajectory.

Economic Update | Mongolia looks to develop its downstream oil industry

7 Mar 2017
Mongolia oil energy
A plan to develop oil refining capabilities could see Mongolia enhance its energy security, curb its energy import bill and broaden the scope of its manufacturing industry.