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Economic Update | Philippines Year in Review 2016

29 Dec 2016
Philippines Economy
Accelerated growth, backed by rising spending on infrastructure and domestic demand, were the hallmark of the Philippines’ economy in 2016, though offshore political and economic uncertainties could...

Economic Update | Malaysia Year in Review 2016

29 Dec 2016
Malaysia economy
Despite falling revenue from a weaker commodities market and concerns over political uncertainty, Malaysia’s economy maintained a steady growth rate in 2016, though expansion may come under pressure...

Economic Update | Thailand Year in Review 2016

28 Dec 2016
Thailand economy
A slow-paced economic recovery and ongoing concerns over political stability were the hallmark of Thailand’s year in 2016, though the new year should bring stronger prospects.

Economic Update | Gemstone trading activity expected to increase in post-sanctions Myanmar

16 Dec 2016
Myanmar mining
The removal of US financial and trade sanctions on Myanmar could give the country’s mining industry a boost, with American buyers expected to return to the precious stones market following a period...

Economic Update | Mongolia Year in Review 2016

15 Dec 2016
Mongolia Year in Review 2016
Slower economic growth and rising debt levels were the main themes of the past year, though Mongolia’s new government is acting to restore foreign investor confidence while seeking to curb the...

Economic Update | Increased employment in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector suggests possible recovery

30 Nov 2016
Malaysia manufacturing
A slight uptick in sales and new hires in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector indicates the country may be moving towards a rebound, though any recovery is likely to be muted, as rising costs and...