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Economic Update | Sharjah: Broadening the base

1 Mar 2011
Looking to boost investment in its key industrial sector, Sharjah is broadening the scope of its promotional activities, with these aimed at showcasing local manufacturers and the opportunities on...

Economic Update | Sharjah: On the radar

21 Jan 2011
The outlook for 2011 is one of correction and consolidation for Sharjah’s real estate sector. The market should slowly start to pick up, though recovery is expected to be modest in the shorter term...

Economic Update | Sharjah: An emerging destination

8 Dec 2010
Sharjah is positioning itself as a safe, family-friendly option for holidaymakers, with a selection of attractions and events the authorities hope will make it stand out from the crowd.

Economic Update | Sharjah: Streamlining real estate rules

8 Oct 2010
New legislation restricting foreign investment in real estate has brought a welcome end to speculation over the issue while at the same time clarifying the transaction process. As such it is being...

Economic Update | SHARJAH: Industrious emirate

2 Aug 2010
Sharjah is moving to strengthen the foundations needed for industrial expansion, building on existing infrastructure and working to attract further investment to its manufacturing sector, both at the...

Economic Update | Powering Up

22 Jul 2010
By working to improve the emirate's distribution grid and secure new sources of gas to turn the turbines, Sharjah is hoping to avoid the power shortages that effected industrial growth last year.