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Economic Update | Thailand sets up new telecommunications infrastructure to boost service delivery capacity

29 Sep 2017
Thailand ICT
Already a rising player in global innovation rankings, Thailand is looking to further improve its standing by widening broadband access.

Economic Update | Thailand’s economic growth set to accelerate

29 Aug 2017
Thailand Economy
Solid growth in exports, combined with a gradual improvement in domestic demand, has prompted an upward revision of Thailand’s economic outlook by the central bank.

Economic View | Pailin Chuchottaworn, Chairman of the Council, Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology

7 Aug 2017
Pailin Chuchottaworn
To what extent can the proliferation of private research institutions in Thailand lead to growth in marketable research?

Economic View | Kriengchai Boonpoapichart, Head of Finance and Investor Relations, CP All

26 Jul 2017
Kriengchai Boonpoapichart
How would you assess the recovery rate for consumption indicators in the short term?

Economic Update | Thailand promotes organic agriculture with new incentives

25 Jul 2017
Thailand Agriculture
Rising demand for Thai organic goods in both local and export markets has prompted the government to pursue a range of initiatives aimed at encouraging organic farming practices.

Economic Update | Thailand inaugurates incentive programme for film industry

21 Jun 2017
Thailand Film
A new incentive scheme for international filmmakers in Thailand has named its first beneficiary, in a step forward for official efforts to draw more production crews to the country.