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Economic Update | Thailand works to liberalise insurance sector

31 Mar 2017
Thailand insurance
Reforms lifting foreign ownership ceilings may prompt a wave of overseas investment in Thailand’s insurance sector, though the industry’s highly competitive environment could also see smaller...

Economic Update | Thailand homing in on investment

27 Feb 2017
Thailand trade and investment
The Thai government announced a series of new incentives and support mechanisms in late 2016 and early 2017, aimed at boosting foreign investment in key industries.

Economic Update | Thailand Year in Review 2016

28 Dec 2016
Thailand economy
A slow-paced economic recovery and ongoing concerns over political stability were the hallmark of Thailand’s year in 2016, though the new year should bring stronger prospects.

Economic Update | Thailand’s retailers on the long road to recovery

25 Nov 2016
Thailand retail
A gradual recovery of the Thai economy should spur greater activity in the country’s retail sector, though it will take time for the market to regain momentum, with consumer sentiment still cool and...

Economic Update | Thailand seeks to boost health of medical tourism segment

19 Oct 2016
Thailand health
An expanded product range aimed at broadening the client base alongside plans to target new markets are part of Thailand’s campaign to shore up its medical tourism industry, which is coming under...

Economic Update | Thailand’s rail network set for expansion thanks to regional partners

27 Sep 2016
Thailand rail
Thailand’s rail transport sector is set to expand over the next decade, with construction on a new high-speed railway line to begin as early as next year while upgrades to the country’s mass rapid...