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Economic Update | South Africa sets out to deepen ICT skills

22 Dec 2014
The government is in the final stages of its review on the ICT sector in South Africa after the publication of a discussion paper in November, prior to the launch of a set of policy recommendations...

Economic Update | South African land reform may slow as economy cools

25 Nov 2014
South Africa agriculture
A plan to reform South Africa’s current land ownership structure is being reconsidered by the government, in a bid to find a bigger consensus that will encourage greater participation by black...

Economic Update | South Africa’s increasing FDI appeal

3 Nov 2014
South Africa FDI
Although South Africa’s macroeconomic indicators remain soft, recent data shows that foreign investors are continuing to flow into the country as a public sector-backed infrastructure spending...

Economic Update | Getting South Africa’s economy out of its rut

2 Sep 2014
Africa’s second-largest economy, South Africa, has been grappling with headwinds throughout early 2014, although it narrowly avoided slipping into a recession in the second quarter. The country’s...

Economic Update | South African railways getting back on track

15 Aug 2014
Investments in South Africa’s rail services are set to pick up pace thanks to new orders in rolling stock and locomotives, with local service and materials suppliers expected to benefit from a swathe...

Economic Update | Changes ahead for South Africa’s mining industry

24 Jul 2014
An unusually long running strike at South Africa’s platinum mines has finally come to an end, and while the effects of the five-month action will likely be felt by the industry for years to come as...