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Economic Update | Manufacturing helped South Africa’s economy avoid recession

28 Sep 2016
South Africa manufacturing
Stronger performance in the manufacturing industry helped keep South Africa’s economy out of a recession, and has led to a slight upward revision in annual growth forecasts.

Economic Update | Leaner times for South African insurers

26 Jul 2016
South Africa insurance
A cooling economy and reduced spending is expected to limit growth in South Africa’s insurance industry through to the end of the year, with operators likely to struggle to increase market share and...

Economic Update | South Africa’s agricultural sector looks to regrowth

25 Jun 2016
South Africa agro
Drought continues to impact agricultural production in South Africa, though seasonal rains should underpin a sector rebound along with government efforts to stimulate the agro-processing segment.

Economic Update | South Africa’s push for renewables

26 May 2016
South Africa renewables
Already the continent’s largest producer of renewable energy, South Africa is moving to further reduce its reliance on hydrocarbons by expanding private sector investments in solar and wind projects...

Economic Update | South Africa to extend ICT reach

28 Apr 2016
South Africa ICT
While the expansion of mobile broadband and fibre-optic networks are driving growth of ICT services in South Africa, additional infrastructure investment will be needed to keep pace with rapidly...

Economic Update | South Africa’s energy industry turns to gas

30 Mar 2016
South Africa gas
Seeking to reduce its dependence on coal-fired power, South Africa is shifting its energy mix toward natural gas and renewables.