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Economic Update | Dubai Year in Review 2014

7 Jan 2015
Strong fundamentals and a diversified economy are keeping concerns at bay in Dubai, despite a potential cooling of investor sentiment across the region and weakening global conditions.

Economic Update | Dubai’s real estate boom fuels debate

8 Dec 2014
Dubai real estate
The real estate sales market in Dubai has outperformed the rental market in the last year, sparking a squeeze in yields and prompting concerns that the fundamentals of the market are becoming skewed.

Economic Update | Dubai targets public transport expansion

5 Nov 2014
Dubai transport
Expanding public transport has become a priority for Dubai as it looks to accommodate both a rapidly rising population and the millions of visitors expected to attend World Expo 2020. 

Economic Update | Pushing Dubai’s capital markets forward

26 Jun 2014
When the UAE officially transitioned from “frontier” to “emerging” on a key market index in June 2013, a new era of both greater opportunity and closer scrutiny for the financial markets in Dubai was...

Economic Update | New facilities provide a boost for Dubai’s aviation industry

26 Mar 2014
A new aviation district in Dubai is set to spearhead growth across the maintenance, repair and overhaul industry, while strengthening the emirate’s position as one of the world’s largest air...

Economic Update | Dubai targets sustainable development

11 Feb 2014
Faced with rising power consumption and a grid under pressure, Dubai is stepping up its efforts to improve energy efficiency, while boosting the role played by renewable resources in meeting demand....