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Economic Update | Dubai’s learning curve gets smoother

15 Jul 2015
Dubai education
Rising student numbers and a broader range of academic choice are driving expansion in Dubai’s private university system; however, institutions are being forced to tackle issues such as affordable...

Economic Update | Dubai set for leaner tourism season

17 Jun 2015
dubai tourism
A tapering of demand will lower earnings in Dubai’s tourism and hospitality industry this year, though an expected rise in arrivals from emerging markets, in particular Asia, may offset weaker...

Economic Update | Dubai considers electric car solutions

15 May 2015
Dubai electric car
Electric vehicles may be set to become a more familiar sight on the streets of Dubai. The emirate has one of the world’s highest car ownership ratios and the authorities are expanding the...

Economic Update | Dubai extends IT push

7 Apr 2015
Dubai ICT
Demand for IT services in Dubai is set to soar over the coming decade, underpinned by strong demand for both software and hardware products. 

Economic Update | Sales continue to surge at Dubai’s mega-malls

13 Mar 2015
Dubai retail
Dubai’s famous mega-malls are doing brisk trade, with the companies behind the emirate’s two biggest shopping centres reporting double-digit revenue growth in 2014. Additionally, plans for further...

Economic Update | Medical tourism to boost Dubai's revenues

4 Feb 2015
Dubai medical tourism
Looking to capitalise on its reputation for healthcare, Dubai has set its sights on expanding the medical tourism sector with a target of half a million health and wellness visitors by 2020, boosting...