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Economic Update | Dubai Year in Review 2015

22 Jan 2016
Dubai YER
The year was led by solid performance in established sectors of the economy, including financial services, transport, manufacturing and construction, which helped Dubai weather the knock-on effects...

Economic Update | Dubai steps up ICT drive

22 Dec 2015
Dubai ICT
A raft of innovation-oriented projects worth some Dh300bn ($81.7bn), along with new legislation on government data sharing, is gaining pace in Dubai.

Economic Update | Islamic finance holds promise for Dubai

22 Nov 2015
Dubai IFS
Increasing consumer awareness and growing demand for retail products are set to drive activity in Dubai’s Islamic financial services (IFS) sector, offering scope for sustainable expansion despite...

Economic Update | Dubai’s property market sees price adjustments in some segments

29 Oct 2015
Dubai RE
A growing oversupply in some segments of Dubai’s residential real estate sector is encouraging developers to reposition their offering towards mid-range buyers, as the market witnesses broader price...

Economic Update | Dubai to take fuel subsidy cut in stride

15 Sep 2015
Dubai energy
On August 1, an increase in petrol charges came into force in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, following the announcement on July 22 by the Ministry of Energy (MoE) that the government is reducing the...

Economic Update | Dubai comes out ahead in Iran deal

24 Aug 2015
Dubai Iran
 Iran’s recent deal with world powers is expected to create a raft of trade and investment opportunities for Dubai, widely seen as Tehran’s stepping stone to re-engagement with global markets.