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Economic Update | Dubai’s shift to digital retail

17 May 2016
Dubai retail

Online shopping is expected to drive retail growth in Dubai in the coming years, though migration toward e-payment remains a stumbling block for some consumers. 

Economic Update | Dubai pursues ambitious public transport targets

22 Apr 2016
Dubai transport

A campaign to reduce congestion on Dubai’s roads and encourage greater use of public transport looks to be yielding results.

Economic Update | Dubai bolsters health credentials

24 Mar 2016
Dubai health

The medical industry in Dubai is set to receive a major boost from the country’s new five-year health care strategy. 

Economic Update | Dubai poised for theme park boom

29 Feb 2016
Dubai tourism

With demand for leisure tourism on the rise, Dubai’s first major theme parks are expected to prove a significant draw when they open for business later this year. 

Economic Update | Dubai Year in Review 2015

22 Jan 2016
Dubai YER

The year was led by solid performance in established sectors of the economy, including financial services, transport, manufacturing and construction, which helped Dubai weather the knock-on effects of lower oil prices throughout 2015. 

Economic Update | Dubai steps up ICT drive

22 Dec 2015
Dubai ICT

A raft of innovation-oriented projects worth some Dh300bn ($81.7bn), along with new legislation on government data sharing, is gaining pace in Dubai.