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Economic Update | Nigeria’s central bank floats the naira

30 Aug 2016
Nigeria econ
In mid-June the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduced a flexible interbank exchange rate market, effectively floating the naira in a major departure from historical policy.

Economic Update | Nigeria set to bolster cassava industry

25 Jul 2016
Nigeria agro
A push by Nigeria to boost the production of staple crops, with a particular focus on cassava, should help improve rural development and food security in the 170m-person country.

Economic Update | Nigeria set to reform health care system

29 Jun 2016
Nigeria healthcare
In May the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA), in partnership with the federal Ministry of Health (MoH), signed a series of agreements to modernise and expand health care services through...

Economic Update | Nigeria’s e-commerce industry shows growth potential

27 May 2016
Nigeria e-commerce
Recent investments demonstrate sustained investor interest in e-commerce platforms in Nigeria, which boasts the continent’s largest population and economy. 

Economic Update | Nigeria’s shifting telecoms landscape

24 Apr 2016
Nigeria ICT
A new mobile operator, ntel, commenced 4G LTE services in Lagos and Abuja in early April, increasing competition in the 170m-person telecoms market.

Economic Update | Nigeria launches restructuring of oil sector

30 Mar 2016
Nigeria petrol
Far-reaching and long-awaited plans aimed at reforming Nigeria’s oil industry are gathering pace, though they have met with resistance from some stakeholders.