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Economic Update | Tech start-ups in Nigeria lead African seed funding

31 Jul 2017
Nigeria Start-Ups
Nigeria’s start-up scene is expanding rapidly, securing the most seed funding of any country in Africa and attracting increased international support. 

Economic View | Amy Jadesimi, Managing Director, LADOL

26 Jul 2017
Amy Jadesimi
What impact have you seen from the drop in oil prices on offshore activity in Nigeria?

Economic Update | Nigeria pushes ahead with plan to revitalise its sugar industry

30 Jun 2017
Nigeria Agriculture
A spate of new investments in Nigeria’s sugar sector should help move the country closer towards its objective of self-sufficiency, although current production is lagging behind government targets.

Economic View | Geoffrey Onyeama, Minister of Foreign Affairs, on factors impacting Nigeria’s economy

7 Jun 2017
Geoffrey Onyeama
How has Nigeria’s economic relationship with China evolved in recent years? 

Economic Update | Nigeria ramps up support for smaller-scale businesses

30 May 2017
Nigeria Banking
The licensing of a new state-owned SME bank in Nigeria should address a longstanding key obstacle to broad-based growth in Africa’s largest economy.

Economic Update | Efforts to foster sustainable rice production gain traction

28 Apr 2017
Nigeria Agriculture
Nigeria has long relied on imports to help supply its significant rice demand; however, efforts to support small-scale famers through training and improved access to credit are expected to boost...