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Economic Update | Abu Dhabi ups focus on R&D

15 Dec 2014
Abu Dhabi education
A drive to strengthen the link between higher education and the private sector in Abu Dhabi has set the scene for research and development (R&D) to play a greater role in the emirate’s economic...

Economic Update | Abu Dhabi invests in logistics

27 Nov 2014
Abu Dhabi logistics
Growing levels of international trade, both inbound and outbound, and a rising demand for trans-shipment services will drive expansion in Abu Dhabi’s logistics sector, with much of this activity...

Economic Update | Expanding sour gas production in Abu Dhabi

2 Sep 2014
Looking to reduce its imports and at the same time meet growing energy demands, Abu Dhabi is seeking to develop its sour gas reserves, both on and off-shore.

Economic Update | Abu Dhabi’s real estate market on the rise

27 Jan 2014
Recent regulatory changes are giving an added boost to Abu Dhabi’s real estate market, which appears on track to a recovery. While there has been some speculation that the new rules could help fuel a...

Economic Update | Abu Dhabi Year in Review 2013

7 Jan 2014
The past year was a good one for Abu Dhabi, both in terms of economic performance and its progress towards a more diversified economy – the principle goal of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030,...

Economic Update | Providing specialised health care services in Abu Dhabi

13 Nov 2013
A number of new health care facilities in Abu Dhabi are under development, financed by both the public and private sectors, with the latter focused on the provision of specialised health care...