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Economic Update | Philippines heads for construction boom

15 Jul 2014
The government in the Philippines is giving a new push to major construction projects awarded under a public-private partnership scheme, putting the building sector on a strong growth path after last...

Economic Update | Prospects bright for Philippines retail

26 Jun 2014
High levels of liquidity and continued solid growth in the domestic economy are feeding into the Philippines’ retail sector, with sales rising on a tide of improving consumer sentiment. However, the...

Economic Update | The Philippines poised for new era in education

16 Jun 2014
Private universities in the Philippines are poised to benefit from ongoing reforms aimed at improving access to the primary and secondary education system, although a marked rise in student numbers...

Economic Update | Philippines aims high on FDI

11 Jun 2014
Though early performance has been sluggish, officials in the Philippines are confident the strong foreign direct investment (FDI) showing from last year will be maintained in 2014, with an improved...

Economic Update | Investment to support the Philippines’ drive for rice self-sufficiency

28 May 2014
Growing rice consumption in the Philippines has created a host of challenges and opportunities for stakeholders, as an ongoing lack of mechanisation and post-harvest inefficiencies have prevented the...

Economic Update | The Philippines is set to continue expanding 3G and 4G LTE coverage

28 Apr 2014
As the Philippines’ market for handheld devices continues to expand, mobile broadband has been identified as the industry’s most significant driver of growth. Mobile penetration passed 100% in 2012,...