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Economic Update | The Philippines: Agriculture going greener

6 Dec 2011

The Philippines is looking to encourage the development of organic farming, seen as a niche agriculture sector ripe with opportunity for the country. With the proper support, organic farming could work to boost high-value agricultural exports as well as incomes in the agriculture sector, which currently employs more than 30% of the nation’s labour force.

Economic Update | The Philippines: Insuring a brighter future

28 Nov 2011

There are signs that the Philippines insurance industry may be heading towards a period of solid growth, with both the state and the private sector stepping up efforts to encourage the public to embrace insurance as a way of life. It will be some time, however, before the domestic market will be able to rival that of most of its neighbours.

Economic Update | The Philippines: ICT Agenda

9 Nov 2011

The Philippines is very gradually edging closer to the establishment of a dedicated government department charged with promoting and supporting the information and communications technology (ICT) sector, though it would take some time before the new agency can achieve its supporters’ lofty ambitions.

Economic Update | The Philippines: Improving port ability

24 Oct 2011

The Philippines government has announced plans to step up spending on transport infrastructure, with upgrades to existing ports and the development of new maritime cargo handling facilities to be given priority.

Economic Update | The Philippines: Sharpening the competitive edge

12 Oct 2011

The Philippines is making progress in boosting its ability to compete in the global economy, according to a recently released report. Although the country still has some way to go before being able to match many of its neighbours, its rationalisation of trade tariffs, an improving macroeconomic environment and a growing technological readiness have all strengthened its capacity to conduct business on the international stage.

Economic Update | The Philippines: Stressing banking stability

30 Sep 2011

The Philippines’ central bank is confident the country’s financial system can withstand any strains imposed by an economic slowdown in Western markets, though it is keeping an eye on the domestic banking industry for any signs that it may be catching the chill afflicting the US and Europe.