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Economic Update | Saudi Arabia nears introduction of GCC-wide value-added tax

25 Oct 2017
Saudi Arabia VAT
Last month Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) released the final implementing regulations to legislation governing the new GCC-wide value-added tax (VAT).

Economic View | Mazin Al Ghunaim, CEO, Bidaya Home Finance

9 Oct 2017
Mazin Al Ghunaim
To what extent do you expect future growth in the housing market to be supported by mortgage finance?

Economic Update | Saudi Arabia unveils Red Sea resort project

29 Sep 2017
Saudi Arabia Tourism
A project to transform a large area of the Red Sea coast into a luxury tourism destination has been announced as part of the Kingdom’s plans to diversify its tourism offerings, attract investment and...

Economic Update | Saudi Arabia accelerates the rollout of major rail projects

31 Aug 2017
Saudi Arabia Transport
The government is stepping up investment in transport infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, fast-tracking key projects and creating new opportunities for service providers.  

Economic Update | Utilities privatisation in Saudi Arabia forges ahead

28 Jul 2017
Saudi Arabia Utilities
Moves to privatise utilities assets in Saudi Arabia and expand the reach of its networks through increased investment should create new opportunities for private operators and service providers.

Economic Update | Mining investment and profits reach new heights in Saudi Arabia

29 Jun 2017
Saudi Arabia Mining
Increased investment in Saudi Arabia’s mining sector looks set to lift its GDP contribution significantly in the coming years, as part of an accelerating push to diversify the economy under the...