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Economic Update | Papua New Guinea expands LNG potential

15 May 2016

A new wave of investments in Papua New Guinea’s energy sector could see some $19bn of projects launched in the coming years, boosting the country’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) output and providing employment to thousands. 

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea pushes for SME growth

14 Apr 2016

The government of Papua New Guinea has rolled out a new plan to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by improving access to finance and training.

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea’s economy faces liquidity crunch

16 Mar 2016
PNG econ

Papua New Guinea will be looking for non-resource growth to steer the economy forward in 2016, as the government steps up efforts to return the budget to a surplus by 2020.

Economic Update | El Niño takes its toll on Papua New Guinea’s agricultural output

13 Feb 2016
PNG agriculture

Efforts to promote agricultural self-sufficiency in Papua New Guinea saw a setback in 2015, with droughts and supply chain disruptions impeding sector growth. 

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea Year in Review 2015

11 Jan 2016

Falling energy and mineral prices ramped up pressure on Papua New Guinea’s economy in 2015, prompting a reduction in state spending that is expected to continue into the new year as the government looks to return the budget to a surplus. 

Economic Update | Niche targets for Papua New Guinea’s tourism industry

17 Nov 2015
PNG tourism

A rise in historical battlefield tourism across a variety of international destinations has shone a spotlight on a key niche market with potential for Papua New Guinea, as the country begins preparations for a series of events commemorating the 75th anniversary of strategic battles fought during the Second World War.