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Economic Update | Start-up culture on the rise in Qatar

20 Jun 2016
Qatar start-ups
With an expanded space and a growing portfolio of programmes, the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) is an established fixture in Qatar’s burgeoning start-up culture.

Economic Update | Qatar’s maritime transport sector bucks global slowdown

25 May 2016
Qatar transport
Qatar’s maritime transport sector has taken advantage of the country’s infrastructure boom and economic diversification plans to weather a slowdown in global shipping. 

Economic Update | Qatar: Of Finance and the Fall

11 May 2016
Qatar Construction
With Qatar’s state budget now moving into deficit for the first time in 15 years, clearly a new paradigm for construction project financing is now beginning. 

Economic Update | Qatar steps up support for small businesses

24 Apr 2016
Qatar SME
A drive to encourage entrepreneurship in Qatar is gaining pace, as efforts to streamline the start-up process yield results.

Economic Update | Qatar places health high on the agenda

21 Mar 2016
Qatar health
Health was one of the big winners in Qatar’s 2016 budget, at a time when many other areas of the economy saw spending reined in due to lower energy revenues. 

Economic Update | Focus on fundamentals: Belt tightening is the new normal for corporates across the Gulf region

29 Feb 2016
Qatar Economy
In mid-December 2015 Qatar’s Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics cut the country’s GDP forecast for the year to 3.7%, down by nearly half from an earlier prediction of 7.3% and the 6.1%...