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Economic Update | Agriculture in Myanmar struggles to grow to its potential

25 Feb 2015
Myanmar agri
Higher levels of investment and access to credit are essential for the development of Myanmar’s agriculture sector to reach its full potential, according to experts.

Economic Update | Myanmar Year in Review 2014

23 Jan 2015
A surge in foreign investment, together with solid domestic demand, helped Myanmar achieve a strong growth in 2014. However, the year also brought challenges, which contributed to a widening in the...

Economic Update | Myanmar opening banking doors

23 Dec 2014
Myanmar bank
Foreign banks are about to make a return to Myanmar after an absence of more than 50 years, in a move that is intended to support foreign direct investment (FDI) and improve existing services.

Economic Update | Myanmar eyes energy privatisation

4 Dec 2014
Myanmar oil
Under plans revealed in October, state-owned energy firms in Myanmar will seek foreign partnerships to improve operations and open up downstream energy operations to investment. 

Economic Update | Building surge continues in Myanmar

14 Nov 2014
Myanmar construction
Growing demand for residential units, the urbanisation of major cities and a national drive to bridge infrastructure shortfalls, should help Myanmar’s construction sector maintain its recent track...

Economic Update | Myanmar in the midst of tourism boom

12 Sep 2014
Growing international interest in Myanmar, following the easing of sanctions by the West, has led to a period of unprecedented growth in the tourism industry and has seen visitor numbers soar to 2m...