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Economic Update | Myanmar’s construction sector looks to fill order books

31 Aug 2015
Myanmar construction
A planned expansion in Myanmar’s business capital, Yangon, will nearly double the city’s residential capacity, helping to support its property market. 

Economic Update | Myanmar has difficulty dampening dollar demand

27 Jul 2015
Myanmar economy
Recent attempts by the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) to reduce the use of dollars triggered an unexpected backlash in the form of dollar hoarding and black market trading, providing a timely reminder...

Economic Update | Myanmar’s mining growth hinges on new legislation

25 Jun 2015
Myanmar mining
The mining industry in Myanmar could see a rise in investment from 2016 if the government can overcome roadblocks to pass new legislation, delays to which have slowed the pace of development in the...

Economic Update | Myanmar sees surge in telecoms investment

27 May 2015
Myanmar mobile
Investment in telecoms has surged in Myanmar in the past year as operators begin to tap a rapidly expanding market, driving growth in the economy. 

Economic Update | Myanmar’s budget targets infrastructure and education

27 Apr 2015
Myanmar budget
A new budget signalled major funding boosts in Myanmar for the power and education sectors, both of which have been identified as structural weaknesses in the economy. 

Economic Update | Myanmar airport expansion plans take off

30 Mar 2015
Myanmar airport
Growing international traffic is driving a rapid expansion of Myanmar’s major airport network as it works to keep up with overseas arrivals.