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Economic Update | Fourth operator enters Myanmar’s telecoms sector

24 Feb 2017
Myanmar Telecoms
The entrance of a new operator in Myanmar’s telecoms sector has brought a wave of new investment and heightened competition to an already crowded market, promising expanded service options and lower...

Economic Update | Myanmar Year in Review 2016

19 Jan 2017
Myanmar economy
In a year marked by a return to full civilian rule, Myanmar’s economy continued to expand strongly, though some sectors saw slower growth as reduced foreign investment and a weaker currency eroded...

Economic Update | Gemstone trading activity expected to increase in post-sanctions Myanmar

16 Dec 2016
Myanmar mining
The removal of US financial and trade sanctions on Myanmar could give the country’s mining industry a boost, with American buyers expected to return to the precious stones market following a period...

Economic Update | End of sanctions to increase investment in Myanmar’s retail sector

9 Nov 2016
Myanmar retail
Already expanding rapidly on the back of strong economic growth and rising disposable incomes, Myanmar’s retail industry should receive a boost as the lifting of remaining US sanctions clears the way...

Economic Update | Myanmar’s auto sector to shift up a gear

27 Oct 2016
Myanmar auto
Rising demand from an increasingly affluent middle class and an expanding economy will drive sales in both the passenger and commercial segments of Myanmar’s auto trade, though challenges remain on...

Economic View | Mark Bedingham, CEO and President, Singapore Myanmar Investco

4 Oct 2016
Mark Bedingham
How would you compare the appetite of foreign investors interested in Myanmar before and after the 2015 elections?