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Economic Update | Myanmar pushes through with investment reforms

28 Apr 2017
Myanmar Investment
Reforms to legislation governing investment in Myanmar, including streamlined procedures and strengthened investor rights, aim to reverse a downward trend in foreign direct investment seen in the...

Economic Update | Modernisation fuels new lending in Myanmar’s banking sector

20 Mar 2017
Myanmar Banking
Foreign banks may be granted greater access to Myanmar’s domestic financial market as a way of servicing local demand for trade financing.

Economic View | OBG talks to Daw Ei Phyusin Htay, Managing Director, Barons Group

20 Mar 2017
Daw Ei Phyusin Htay
What is the ideal energy mix for Myanmar?

Economic Update | Fourth operator enters Myanmar’s telecoms sector

24 Feb 2017
Myanmar Telecoms
The entrance of a new operator in Myanmar’s telecoms sector has brought a wave of new investment and heightened competition to an already crowded market, promising expanded service options and lower...

Economic Update | Myanmar Year in Review 2016

19 Jan 2017
Myanmar economy
In a year marked by a return to full civilian rule, Myanmar’s economy continued to expand strongly, though some sectors saw slower growth as reduced foreign investment and a weaker currency eroded...

Economic Update | Gemstone trading activity expected to increase in post-sanctions Myanmar

16 Dec 2016
Myanmar mining
The removal of US financial and trade sanctions on Myanmar could give the country’s mining industry a boost, with American buyers expected to return to the precious stones market following a period...