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Economic Update | Gold miners in Ghana see brighter times ahead

17 Feb 2015
Ghana mining
Ghana’s gold mining industry is hoping for a healthier performance in 2015, with leaner mining operations and a push towards more value addition mitigating the impact of lower prices. 

Economic Update | Ghana Year in Review 2014

16 Jan 2015
Although room for fiscal manoeuvring has shrunk in Ghana in recent months, the government’s subsequent efforts to tighten spending and boost revenues is being welcomed by investors and lenders. 

Economic Update | Ghana budget signals fiscal tightening

13 Dec 2014
Ghana budget
While the headlines on Ghana’s 2015 budget focus on the short-term impacts of fiscal tightening, the proposed changes should have a positive bearing on the overall economy over time. 

Economic Update | Cocoa price hike to boost Ghana output

17 Nov 2014
Ghana cocoa
Cocoa production in Ghana is expected to receive a fillip in the current crop season with a substantial price hike for farmers and a new funding deal likely to encourage growth at a time when the...

Economic Update | Ghana banks eye acquisitions, foreign credit to expand

16 Oct 2014
Ghana bank
In spite of a softer macroeconomic environment, Ghana’s banking sector is in good health, thanks to an increase in assets and strong capital ratios, which in turn is encouraging an expansion by banks...

Economic Update | Ghana prepares to power up

26 Sep 2014
An expanding economy and growing population are increasing demand for power in Ghana and while lower levels of hydroelectric generation, sparked by a long-running drought, has reduced output, the...