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Economic Update | Ghana’s telecoms operators eye expansion

12 Aug 2015
ghana telecoms
Competition is heating up in Ghana’s telecoms market, with growing demand for data prompting operators to roll out large-scale investment programmes in order to expand network capacity. 

Economic Update | Ghana looks to lift African tourism

20 Jul 2015
Ghana tourism
In spite of its reputation as a safe, friendly destination – along with strong links to the diaspora and a wide range of cultural, natural and historical sites – Ghana’s tourism sector has yet to...

Economic Update | Ghana to ramp up oil output

15 Jun 2015
ghana oil
In spite of broader global headwinds, the oil and gas industry in Ghana is targeting a substantial increase in production over the coming years. 

Economic Update | Ghana secures growth with major port investments

22 May 2015
ghana port
Several years of rapid hydrocarbons-fuelled growth in Ghana have put increasing pressure on its transport infrastructure, prompting a spate of expansion projects that will increase capacity for bulk...

Economic Update | Ghana gets IMF relief before bond issue

27 Apr 2015
Ghana IMF
A new $918m deal with the IMF should alleviate some of Ghana’s fiscal pressures and help restore investor confidence ahead of a critical bond issue, but further reforms will be needed to balance the...

Economic Update | Ghana tackles power crisis

26 Mar 2015
Ghana power
An ambitious programme to hike electricity generation has been launched in Ghana to help alleviate the frequency of blackouts, with a particular focus on expanding the role of the private sector.