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Economic Update | Cybersecurity in spotlight as Ghana pushes ahead with ICT development

31 Jul 2017
Ghana cybersecurity
Ghana has stepped up efforts to bolster its fast-growing ICT sector with the signing of a new deal strengthening cybersecurity protections.

Economic Update | Ghana’s micro-insurance offering benefits from collaborative efforts

30 Jun 2017
Ghana Micro-insurance
The rollout of new micro-insurance products in partnership with mobile operators is allowing Ghana to deepen penetration rates, something that has historically proven tricky due to its large informal...

Economic Update | Ghana contemplates ending IMF credit agreement as scheduled amid improving fiscal balance

31 May 2017
Ghana Economy
Lower inflation figures and higher growth forecasts in Ghana are raising the prospects for a stronger economic recovery over the coming year, prompting the government to reiterate its commitment to...

Economic Update | Ghana lays foundations for tourism growth

28 Apr 2017
Ghana tourism
As Ghana looks to diversify its sources of foreign exchange, it has aggressive plans to expand its tourism capacity, with an ambitious proposal for coastline development on the table and an expansion...

Economic Update | Improvements to Ghana’s investment environment under way

31 Mar 2017
Ghana Investment
Ghana’s 2017 budget contains a range of incentives and reforms – including the removal of value-added tax (VAT) on financial services and property sales – that aim to bolster the private sector and...

Economic Update | Moves afoot to facilitate home ownership in Ghana

28 Feb 2017
Ghana real estate
With a new proposal to fund affordable housing on the table, along with a previously mooted abolition of the value-added tax (VAT) on property sales, the 2017 outlook for Ghana’s housing market has...