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Economic Update | Mongolia’s tourism industry poised for growth

15 Jun 2015
Mongolia tourism
An improving investment climate, supported by a raft of transport infrastructure upgrades, should help to boost Mongolia’s tourism sector this year, with the upper end of the market set to enjoy...

Economic Update | Mongolian coking coal may heat up

29 May 2015
Mongolia coal
A shift by Chinese buyers away from foreign suppliers to Mongolian coking coal, combined with increased optimism over a return of foreign investors, may offset the sharp global downturn in both...

Economic Update | Mongolia mine deal may see a return of investors

29 Apr 2015
Mongolia investors
Investor appetite towards Mongolia could be improving amid hopes Ulaanbaatar may be in the process of settling a long-running dispute with mining giant Rio Tinto over the development of phase two of...

Economic Update | Mongolia seeks to bridge power deficit

27 Mar 2015
Mongolia power
Despite abundant energy resources, Mongolia is struggling to meet its growing demand for electricity, increasingly relying on imports until long-term projects to develop new generation capacity are...

Economic Update | Tight times for Mongolia’s retail sector

25 Feb 2015
Mongolia retail
A cooling economy, persistently high inflation and tighter credit regulations will maintain pressure on Mongolia’s retail sector throughout 2015, though demand for shop space in certain segments...

Economic Update | Mongolia Year in Review 2014

26 Jan 2015
Falling mineral prices and a tapering of foreign investment resulted in slower economic growth in Mongolia in 2014.