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Economic Update | Mongolia Year in Review 2015

29 Dec 2015
Mongolia YER
  Like many of its emerging market peers, Mongolia felt the weight of falling commodities prices and weaker global demand in 2015. However, progress made in moving major mining and transport...

Economic Update | Mongolia steps up transport infrastructure

18 Nov 2015
Mongolia transport
With renewed backing from international lenders, Mongolia is moving ahead with plans to broaden its logistics base and improve access to export markets, with a raft of transport infrastructure...

Economic Update | Mongolia’s cashmere cash crop

19 Oct 2015
Mongolia cashmere
The cashmere industry in Mongolia is making its mark on the global fibres market, with an abundance of quality raw materials and continuing investment in downstream processing capacity.

Economic Update | Mongolia eyes rural growth

29 Sep 2015
Mongolia rural
Mongolia’s remote regions are beginning to feel the benefits of public and private initiatives aimed at attracting investment and promoting rural development in a bid to tackle rising levels of...

Economic Update | Mongolia moves towards smarter, healthier ICT use

31 Aug 2015
Mongolia ICT
Backed by international support, Mongolia is rolling out advanced ICT programmes to support the provision of government services, improving accountability and access to data. 

Economic Update | Mongolia awaits economic rebound in 2016

27 Jul 2015
Mongolia economy
The current drive in Mongolia to promote growth and foreign investment appears likely to yield results, as a key breakthrough in a long-running dispute over the expansion of a mine will help act as a...