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Economic Update | Oman adds links to food chain

10 Feb 2015
Major investments in agri-businesses this year look set to help Oman improve food security and develop an export capacity in processed foods from its new hub in the northern port city of Sohar. The...

Economic Update | Oman Year in Review 2014

12 Jan 2015
With earnings from oil accounting for more than 80% of government income, the halving of prices since June has eroded state revenue and could impact the extensive capital works programme in 2015,...

Economic Update | Islamic banking thriving in Oman

18 Dec 2014
Oman banking
Islamic banking in Oman is expected to grow at double-digit rates as sharia-compliant banking products increasingly gain acceptance and the government’s plans to ease restrictions come to fruition.

Economic Update | Funding boost for Oman’s construction sector

10 Oct 2014
A multibillion-dollar cash injection from the state is supporting new growth across Oman’s construction sector, amid efforts to encourage the industry to source labour, services and supplies locally...

Economic Update | Oman’s economy growing but still tied to oil

4 Sep 2014
Recently released figures indicate that Oman’s diversification strategy is beginning to bear fruit. But, despite the Sultanate’s finances looking healthier, the country still remains vulnerable to...

Economic Update | Oman’s tourism industry poised for boom

12 Aug 2014
Sustained growth in Oman’s tourism industry is expected on the back of rising interest in the destination together with favourable economic conditions driving up disposable income and improved...