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Economic Update | Oman sees rewards by focusing on high-end tourism

30 Aug 2017
Oman Tourism
Broad-based appeal and a growing reputation as an attractive destination for key markets suggest Oman could comfortably meet its long-term targets for the tourism industry, which include increasing...

Economic Update | Demographics and reforms expected to benefit Oman’s real estate sector

27 Jul 2017
Oman Real Estate
While real estate transaction figures continue to reflect a more cautious macroeconomic environment, potential reforms could pave the way for Oman’s property market to regain some of its dynamism...

Economic Update | First-quarter figures show increase in money supply at Oman’s banks

28 Jun 2017
Oman Banking
Central Bank of Oman (CBO) statistics show an upswing in money supply among the nation’s banks in the first quarter of 2017, with total deposits to conventional banks rising by 4.2% to OR19.02bn ($49...

Economic Update | Third mobile operator set to enter Omani telecoms sector

26 May 2017
Oman ICT
Four telecoms operators currently have bids under consideration to become the third mobile network on the Omani market, following the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s (TRA) launch of the...

Economic Update | Gas production increases as Oman refocuses its energy ambitions

25 Apr 2017
Oman Energy
Oman is seeking to enhance its upstream gas segment to supply growing demand, with major upcoming projects expected to help achieve this goal.

Economic Update | Private projects to keep construction humming in Oman

31 Mar 2017
Oman Construction
Increased private sector participation in Oman’s project pipeline, and draft bills to ease workforce restrictions and allow 100% foreign ownership, look set to help drive continued expansion in the...