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Economic Update | Gas production increases as Oman refocuses its energy ambitions

25 Apr 2017
Oman Energy
Oman is seeking to enhance its upstream gas segment to supply growing demand, with major upcoming projects expected to help achieve this goal.

Economic Update | Private projects to keep construction humming in Oman

31 Mar 2017
Oman Construction
Increased private sector participation in Oman’s project pipeline, and draft bills to ease workforce restrictions and allow 100% foreign ownership, look set to help drive continued expansion in the...

Economic Update | Oman’s business environment gets major boost from e-services

28 Feb 2017
Oman trade and investment
Last year saw a surge in activity on Oman’s Invest Easy portal – a one-stop shop for investment and business procedures – with the authorities also rolling out key reforms aimed at attracting...

Economic Update | Oman Year in Review 2016

27 Jan 2017
Oman Economy
As countries across the GCC faced revenue pressures due a lower oil price environment, Oman balanced reduced public spending with economic diversification efforts to keep growth on a positive...

Economic Update | Omani retail space set for rapid expansion

23 Dec 2016
Oman retail
Retail investors and mall developers are flocking to Oman in increasing numbers on the back of rising demand from consumers and the market’s potential for growth.

Economic Update | Increased investment in port expansions to drive Oman’s logistics sector

21 Nov 2016
Oman transport and logistics
Oman is looking to boost investment in its transport and logistics sector, one of five pillars targeted under the country’s Ninth Five-Year Development Plan (2016-20).