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Economic Update | Encouraging signs for Egypt’s economy

17 Nov 2014
Egypt stock exchange
After years of uncertainty and turbulence, Egypt’s economy is beginning to show some signs of recovery, with a marked rise in business confidence helping to strengthen indicators in both capital...

Economic Update | Egypt: A Ray Of Light

10 Nov 2014
Egypt Economic Growth
For the Egyptian economy, good news has been tough to come by in recent years.

Economic Update | Signs of rebound in Egypt’s tourism sector

17 Oct 2014
Egypt tourism
The government in Egypt is expecting a recovery of its tourism sector by next year after the latest data showed the tide may be turning for an industry that has been hit hard by domestic instability...

Economic Update | Looking to Suez expansion for economic growth in Egypt

16 Sep 2014
Hopes are rising that a $4bn project to widen the Suez Canal will provide Egypt with a boost in construction activity, while also significantly raising revenue in the longer term.

Economic Update | Egypt looks to secure LNG production and supply

19 Aug 2014
With its significant reserves of liquefied natural gas (LNG), Egypt has been a key exporter for regional consumers over the past decade but with growing domestic consumption and a number of fiscal...

Economic Update | Egypt aims to boost wheat self-sufficiency

15 Jul 2014
With only limited opportunity to improve wheat yields due to shortages of arable land and water, Egypt is looking to tightening up the storage and logistics links in its grain supply chain to reduce...