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Economic Update | Egypt gains momentum in ICT outsourcing

29 May 2015
egypt bpo
Egypt has long been a cost-competitive destination for offshore services, such as business process outsourcing (BPO), but a spate of new agreements with a number of large investors has given the ICT...

Economic Update | Egypt central bank leans on currency devaluation

29 Apr 2015
Egypt currency
A series of moves by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) to devalue the pound and limit dollar activity are expected to help shore up foreign reserves and eliminate black-market currency trading.

Economic Update | Egypt looks to success after investment conference

31 Mar 2015
Egypt investment
Garnering more investment, loans and assistance packages than had been widely expected, Egypt’s Economic Development Conference (EEDC) secured investment contracts worth $36.2bn, an additional $18....

Economic Update | Egypt ready to roll out massive project to build homes

23 Feb 2015
egypt housing
Construction is soon to begin on the first phase of a long-awaited government plan in Egypt to develop one million new homes, adding to a building boom and infrastructure projects already under way...

Economic Update | Egypt Year in Review 2014

19 Jan 2015
 With investor confidence growing, Egypt is looking forward to a sizeable boost to its economic performance in 2015.

Economic Update | Egypt looking to mend economy with energy moves

15 Dec 2014
Egypt energy
Egypt has been making impressive progress in straightening up its balance sheet in recent months. Steep cuts in energy subsidies coupled with a drop in world oil prices have given the Middle East’s...