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Economic Update | Egypt boosting its electricity capacity through renewables

30 Nov 2016
Egypt solar energy
In a bid to boost Egypt’s power generation capacity, government officials are looking to increase production from solar and other renewable energy sources.

Economic Update | Egypt’s modern retail segment set to record higher growth rates

30 Oct 2016
Egypt retail
With slow growth and double-digit inflation, Egypt has its fair share of challenges, but the country’s retail sector appears to be easing into recovery mode, aided by an increase in formal activity...

Economic Update | Egypt’s oil and gas sector rallies

27 Sep 2016
Egypt energy
Even amid a backdrop of low global commodity prices, new oil and gas discoveries are continuing to drive investment in Egypt’s hydrocarbons sector.

Economic Update | Egypt offers long-awaited 4G licences

6 Sep 2016
Egypt telecoms
The launch of 4G licences in Egypt will help boost low user revenue for telecoms companies and improve service quality, with operators upgrading their infrastructure in preparation for commercial...

Economic Update | Egypt seeks to boost foreign direct investment

4 Aug 2016
Egypt FDI
The government’s drive to boost foreign capital flows has moved forward with the launch of a new foreign direct investment (FDI) council, although there is still room for further improvements.

Economic Update | SME financing ramps up in Egypt

30 Jun 2016
Egypt SME
In a bid to help improve inclusive growth and employment, Egypt’s central bank has taken aggressive steps to help expand commercial lending to the country’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).