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Economic Update | New microfinance initiative worth $2.8m launched in Egypt

31 Aug 2017
Egypt Microfinance
Egypt’s microfinance segment is gaining new momentum thanks to central bank and government initiatives.

Economic Update | Reforms fuel manufacturing ambitions in Egypt

31 Jul 2017
Egypt Manufacturing
Several major multinational manufacturers have announced plans to expand production in Egypt and use the country as a regional manufacturing base on the back of an improving macroeconomic outlook.

Economic Update | New investment law in Egypt to attract further FDI

28 Jun 2017
Egypt investment
Egypt’s long-awaited investment law is set to be implemented in the coming months, potentially catalysing further growth in recovering foreign direct investment (FDI).

Economic Update | Egypt steps up hydrocarbons exploration to be a net exporter

26 May 2017
Egypt Energy
Heightened activity across several of Egypt’s large, new gas fields and government policy measures aimed at encouraging the sector’s development have put the country on course to reach its target of...

Economic Update | Egypt’s real estate sector showing promise

19 Apr 2017
Egypt Real Estate
In spite of Egypt’s macroeconomic headwinds, the country’s real estate market has benefitted in recent months from steady demand and currency reforms, resulting in a busy pipeline of new projects and...

Economic Update | Banks in Egypt see y-o-y profit growth amid stable outlook

31 Mar 2017
Egypt Banking
Egypt’s banks are seeing rising profits and robust capitalisation, as evidenced by a flurry of recent releases of FY 2015/16 results from the country’s major banks.