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Economic Update | New schools to meet growing demand in Kuwait

22 Sep 2014
A growing population and crowded public school system have led Kuwait to move forward on a host of investments in education. The government recently launched tenders for a series of primary and...

Economic Update | Kuwait builds momentum in construction

13 Aug 2014
Kuwait is seeing significant activity in its construction sector this year, with contracts worth $17.5bn already signed or on offer. There are also a number of large-scale projects already underway...

Economic Update | Islamic banking takes hold in Kuwait

7 Aug 2014
An increasing number of Kuwaiti lenders are moving away from traditional banking in a bid to tap into a booming market for Sharia-compliant financial products in the region - a move that could soon...

Economic Update | Kuwait seeking its place in the sun

14 Jul 2014
Kuwait is to broaden its energy production, launching the first step in an extensive renewable energy programme intended to ease reliance on hydrocarbons while at the same time building awareness of...

Economic Update | Kuwait looks to boost cyber security

27 Jun 2014
Kuwait is becoming increasingly concerned over the threat posed by cyber attacks against its strategic oil and gas industry, along with other sectors of the economy, with greater training of staff...

Economic Update | Kuwait to boost gas imports

18 Jun 2014
Rising demand for electricity has prompted Kuwait to sign three multi-billion-dollar deals aimed at significantly boosting the country’s gas imports.