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Economic Update | Kuwait aims to broaden economy through industry

23 Nov 2016
Kuwait industry
The government of Kuwait is hoping to diversify the economy through industrial expansion, targeting double-digit growth on the back of its petrochemicals and plastics segments.

Economic Update | Consumer credit drives growth in Kuwait’s banking sector

25 Oct 2016
Kuwait banking
Kuwait’s banking sector remained stable last year despite growth easing from double-digit levels in 2013 and 2014, according to the most recent Financial Stability Report released by the Central Bank...

Economic Update | Kuwait’s drive toward fuel subsidy rationalisation

20 Sep 2016
Kuwait fuel
The government’s recent decision to make cuts to Kuwait’s petrol subsidy system is expected to boost state coffers amid low global oil prices, despite some push-back from organised labour.

Economic Update | Kuwait follows through with SME investment

23 Aug 2016
Kuwait SME
With low oil prices continuing to take their toll on the Kuwaiti economy, the government is hoping investment in the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector begins to pay dividends.

Economic Update | Kuwait gives green light for airport terminal construction

23 Jul 2016
Kuwait transport
Officials in Kuwait have made significant progress on long-awaited upgrades to Kuwait’s International Airport (KIA) by signing a $4.4bn contract to kick-start construction on a new terminal.

Economic Update | Kuwait moves to overhaul health care system

26 Jun 2016
Kuwait health
Far-reaching reforms aimed at strengthening Kuwait’s national health care system are gaining momentum, as the government moves forward with its plans to rationalise public spending in the face of a...