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    Economic News Updates

    For each market we cover, OBG produces regular economic research available on our website, by email subscription and via RSS feed. Free to access, our Economic Updates are targeted at those looking for regular comment on key sector developments.

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Economic Update | Kuwait looks to enhance regional position of ports

12 Feb 2014

Ports in Kuwait have performed well in recent years, supported by a national bid to increase both hydrocarbon exports and non-oil commercial shipping activity. However, while plans to upgrade facilities and improve access to new oilfields bode well for the industry, the sector also faces several challenges, led by fluctuations in global demand and regional competition.

Economic Update | Kuwait’s telcos launch new mobile technologies

29 Jan 2014

The roll-out of fourth-generation long-term evolution (4G LTE) networks across Kuwait is expected to offer a boost to the mobile market. While the average revenue per user (ARPU) remains among the highest in the region, it has nonetheless been falling in recent years.

Economic Update | Kuwait Year in Review 2013

26 Jan 2014

Strong consumer spending helped ensure economic growth in Kuwait this past year, although a slowdown in the energy sector meant the rise in GDP was modest. The outlook for the oil industry in 2014 is unclear, but there is an expectation that private consumption and the rollout of government infrastructure projects have the capacity to boost growth in the coming year.

Economic Update | Kuwait steps up pace of education reform

17 Dec 2013

A new national curriculum, possible regulations for private sector providers and plans to outsource certain functions in the school system are among changes Kuwait’s government has proposed for the education system.

Economic Update | Kuwait’s lenders are banking on broader expansion

3 Dec 2013

Banks will be looking to end 2013 on a high note, after most of Kuwait’s lenders recorded encouraging results for the first three quarters of the year, with profits and lending activity on the rise, and prospects appearing sound for the final quarter and on into 2014.

Economic Update | Kuwait sets scene for aviation industry growth

18 Nov 2013

Air traffic is rising steadily in Kuwait as the state continues to capitalise on growing volumes of international travellers, buoyed by heightened regional activity.