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Economic Update | Indonesia tackles education improvement

13 Apr 2015
Indo edu
Investment in education is high on the agenda in Indonesia, but the high number of difficult to access rural areas across the archipelago is hampering the reform process. 

Economic Update | Pressure builds on Indonesian construction materials market

11 Mar 2015
Indonesia cons
A flurry of major infrastructure projects in Indonesia is set to boost the construction sector, although growth in the domestic building materials industry remains hamstrung by regional competition...

Economic Update | Telling times for Indonesia’s coal industry

16 Feb 2015
Indonesia coal
With global coal prices showing little signs of recovery, calls amongst industry players in Indonesia to limit production of coal and increase the focus on value-added operations are growing louder.

Economic Update | Indonesia poised for agricultural reform

13 Dec 2014
Indonesia agri
Hopes are rising that long-awaited reforms of state-owned enterprises and government initiatives can help Indonesia’s agriculture sector rebound from a year of commodity price shocks, which have...

Economic Update | Call for incentives as Indonesia aims high in textiles

23 Nov 2014
Indonesia textiles
The textiles industry in Indonesia is growing steadily, nudging Jakarta closer to its long-term goal of rivalling China as a global leader in garment exports. However, sector players say stronger...

Economic Update | Leadership change ignites Indonesia’s fuel crisis

16 Oct 2014
Indonesia fuel crisis
As incoming Indonesian president Joko “Jokowi” Widodo prepares to take the reins on October 20, speculation is growing that the way in which he tackles cutting the huge fuel subsidies may come to...