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Economic View | John Riady, Executive Director, Lippo Group, on Indonesia’s efforts to boost the economic role of ICT

15 Sep 2016
John Riady
John Riady: Indonesia is on the cusp of a digital revolution. This is important because a country like the US has been through five digital cycles, while China has arguably seen two. In Indonesia...

Economic Update | Indonesia launches amnesty plan to widen tax base

7 Sep 2016
Indonesia tax
Last month the Indonesian government began the implementation of a tax amnesty to boost state revenue and investment, and ease pressure on the nation’s current account.

Economic Update | Indonesia sharpens its focus on new builds

15 Aug 2016
Indonesia construction
A move to step up the pace of spending on infrastructure in Indonesia is beginning to yield results, in line with the government’s broader growth targets.

Economic Update | Indonesia’s growing consumer credit market

20 Jul 2016
Indonesia credit
The burgeoning purchasing power of Indonesia’s middle classes and the increasing role of alternative lenders such as multi-finance institutions are generating growth in the archipelago’s consumer...

Economic Update | Indonesia looks to tap agriculture’s tech potential

14 Jun 2016
Indonesia agro
Government and private initiatives are set to broaden agriculture’s contribution to economic growth and boost smallholder operations by encouraging the use of more advanced technology in the farming...

Economic Update | Indonesia expands energy capacity

13 May 2016
Indonesia 13-5-2016
To ensure energy security and meet growing demand for electricity, the Indonesian government is looking to expand its generation capacity through a mix of traditional and alternative sources,...