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Economic View | Lena Thong, CEO, Marquee

10 Aug 2017
Lena Thong
How do you see the serviced office segment developing in 2017?

Economic Update | New investment in Indonesia’s food and beverages market comes amid regulatory uncertainty

31 Jul 2017
Indonesia Manufacturing
The food and beverage (F&B) industry is set to benefit from Unilever Indonesia’s decision to invest $500m in product expansion locally over the next five years.

Economic Update | Indonesia earmarks investment to become a key maritime player

23 Jun 2017
Indonesia Maritime
Investment in maritime infrastructure and greater support for the shipbuilding industry look set to raise Indonesia’s freight-handling capacity, moving the country closer towards its goal of becoming...

Economic View | Raj Kannan, Managing Director, Tusk Advisory, on boosting infrastructure development in Indonesia

19 Jun 2017

Economic Update | Palm oil production to rise in Indonesia

22 May 2017
Indonesia Agriculture
Improved weather conditions and expanded acreage should help Indonesia’s palm oil industry rebound from a weak harvest in 2016, though projections of higher output may put downward pressure on prices...

Economic Update | New revenue-sharing scheme raises incentives in Indonesia’s energy sector

26 Apr 2017
Indonesia Energy
A new formula for dividing revenues from Indonesia’s oil and gas fields offers a chance for greater returns in the energy sector – an opportunity that could generate more upstream investment.