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Economic Update | Indonesia earmarks investment to become a key maritime player

23 Jun 2017
Indonesia Maritime
Investment in maritime infrastructure and greater support for the shipbuilding industry look set to raise Indonesia’s freight-handling capacity, moving the country closer towards its goal of becoming...

Economic View | Raj Kannan, Managing Director, Tusk Advisory, on boosting infrastructure development in Indonesia

19 Jun 2017

Economic Update | Palm oil production to rise in Indonesia

22 May 2017
Indonesia Agriculture
Improved weather conditions and expanded acreage should help Indonesia’s palm oil industry rebound from a weak harvest in 2016, though projections of higher output may put downward pressure on prices...

Economic Update | New revenue-sharing scheme raises incentives in Indonesia’s energy sector

26 Apr 2017
Indonesia Energy
A new formula for dividing revenues from Indonesia’s oil and gas fields offers a chance for greater returns in the energy sector – an opportunity that could generate more upstream investment.

Economic Update | Major infrastructure project opens doors for ICT in Indonesia

20 Mar 2017
Indonesia ICT
State investment in infrastructure and high consumer spending forecasts are set to drive growth in Indonesia’s ICT sector.

Economic Update | Indonesia recruits industry leaders to strengthen vocational education

28 Feb 2017
Indonesia education
Efforts are gaining pace to give Indonesia’s private sector a larger role in bringing the curricula of the country’s vocational and technical schools closer in line with market demands.