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Economic Update | Jordan moves to address energy crunch

25 Feb 2015
jordan energy
Rising demand for power and disruptions to gas supplies from Egypt have left Jordan struggling to meet its energy requirements, with imports adding to the economic headache.

Economic Update | Jordan agriculture exports on the rise

22 Jan 2015
Jordan agri
Farm exports in Jordan showed substantial growth in 2014, aided by foreign sales of vegetables, while deals with new markets and key investments in water irrigation are strengthening growth potential...

Economic Update | Jordan Year in Review 2014

23 Dec 2014
The economy of Jordan is picking up strength with forecasts for higher year-on-year growth this year and next, while lower oil prices should provide at least a temporary respite from the kingdom’s...

Economic Update | Jordan targets ICT growth

23 Nov 2014
Jordan ICT
A drive to attract new investment for Jordan’s ICT sector is gaining ground, as the country moves to strengthen support structures for start-ups and encourage greater private sector participation.

Economic Update | Pharmaceuticals propel Jordan’s economic diversification

26 Sep 2014
Much discussion of Jordan’s economic potential focuses on the mining and processing of minerals, but knowledge sectors like pharmaceuticals may offer a more effective tonic for the economy.

Economic Update | Jordan’s industrial sector shows resilience

20 Aug 2014
Despite facing a challenging economic climate marked by regional unrest and high energy prices, Jordan’s industrial sector held its ground in the first four months of 2014, posting modest year-on-...