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Economic Update | Strengthening ties with new and old trading partners to bolster Jordanian exports

25 Sep 2017
Jordan Trade
Jordan has taken steps to increase its international trade flows by re-establishing links with traditional partners and expanding connections with new markets.

Economic Update | Jordan steps up airport upgrades and flights to key destinations

21 Aug 2017
Jordan Tourism
An overhaul of Jordan’s airport infrastructure, coupled with an increase in flights, could provide a welcome boost to the country’s tourism sector.

Economic Update | Jordan moves to kick-start growth and pare back debt

24 Jul 2017
Jordan Economy
The Jordanian government is looking to reduce its debt burden and jumpstart the economy through a combination of budgetary adjustments, a new medium-term economic strategy and international aid...

Economic Update | Jordan moves to modernise education sector

26 Jun 2017
Jordan education
Efforts to increase Jordan’s digital literacy rates against a backdrop of changing demographics and skills gaps in the labour market are beginning to yield results.

Economic Update | Jordan’s retail sector gains momentum

22 May 2017
Jordan Retail
A raft of new retail outlets and mall expansions are boosting supply in Jordan’s retail sector – all part of a significant pipeline of projects seeking to capitalise on the country’s rising spending...

Economic Update | Jordan taps into global fertiliser demand

21 Apr 2017
Jordan Industry
Deals signed in recent months that have the potential to reinvigorate Jordan’s phosphate exports could bring a new source of growth to its manufacturing sector, following a year of mixed results.