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Economic Update | Turkey seeks to revise EU trade deal

29 Apr 2014

As it looks to have its 18-year-old Customs union with Europe rewritten in mid-2014, Turkey says it is at a disadvantage under some terms of the agreement, in particular through trade pacts between the EU and third parties.

Economic Update | Turkey’s FDI improves in second half of 2013

28 Mar 2014

The flow of foreign direct investment into Turkey picked up in the second half of 2013, and while the full-year figures were down, it appears external factors, rather than any cooling of the local economy, were the primary cause.

Economic Update | Turkey’s agribusiness attracts new investors

4 Mar 2014

Recent acquisitions of Turkish agribusiness interests by Gulf investors have highlighted the sector’s opportunities for expansion in the wider region. However, further development of the industry faces challenges, including the need for additional farm labourers.

Economic Update | Turkey’s agriculture sector hit by dry weather

4 Feb 2014

Widespread drought is affecting Turkey’s agriculture sector, with the 2014 wheat harvest at particular risk of underperforming and warnings of crop failures in a number of grain-growing regions.

Economic Update | Turkey’s banks to face challenges in 2014

23 Jan 2014

Additional restrictions on consumer lending and higher interest rates could mean a slowdown in growth for Turkey’s banks, although the sector should have the resilience to ride out any shockwaves.

Economic Update | Turkey races ahead with high-speed rail links

19 Dec 2013

The first link in Turkey’s high-speed rail system is set to open in 2014, part of a broader effort by the government to make significant improvements to transport infrastructure in time for the republic’s centenary in 2023.