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Economic Update | Brunei Darussalam leads on vocational learning

22 Sep 2014

Vocational training has become a key focus in Brunei Darussalam as it aims to meet the shifting demands of its economy as well as the challenges that economic integration with the rest of ASEAN is expected to bring after 2015.

Economic Update | Boosting connections in Brunei Darussalam

25 Aug 2014

In the run-up to ASEAN Economic Community integration in 2015, Brunei Darussalam is ramping up transport developments, chasing new opportunities and re-establishing past connections. With the potential for a boost in inter-ASEAN travel, the Sultanate is working to position itself as an intermediary for business and leisure travellers.

Economic Update | Investing in innovation in Brunei Darussalam

13 Aug 2014

Brunei Darussalam has lost ground in its efforts to promote innovation as a cornerstone for future economic and social development, slipping down the ladder of a comparative survey of innovative practices for the second year running, but the sultanate is positioning itself to rebound strongly in the years to come.

Economic Update | High stakes for Brunei Darussalam diversification

25 Jul 2014

International agencies and local officials are warning that Brunei Darussalam must remain firmly focused on diversifying its economy away from a declining energy sector and on improving its human capital if it is to achieve sustainable growth in the medium term.

Economic Update | Brunei Darussalam strengthening infrastructure backbone

10 Jul 2014

Greater investment and an increased pace of new project launches should see Brunei Darussalam’s transport and logistics reinforced over the next few years, building on recent improvements to the Sultanate’s infrastructure.

Economic Update | Military spending on the rise in Brunei

27 Jun 2014

Territorial disputes in the South China Sea have highlighted the ongoing tensions between China and countries including the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam, with the US also weighing in recently with its proposals for a bigger military presence in the region.