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Economic Update | Infrastructure boost to lift Bahrain’s industrial sector

23 Nov 2014
Bahrain industry
Plans for increased spending on infrastructure developments are set to support further growth in Bahrain’s industrial sector via improved transport links and the construction of new large-scale...

Economic Update | Steady growth for Bahrain’s economy

10 Nov 2014
Bahrain economy
A solid performance from the non-oil sector and increased state spending are forecast to drive economic growth in Bahrain above both regional and global averages this year, though falling oil prices...

Economic Update | Increased connectivity to boost Bahrain trade links

15 Sep 2014
As part of plans to tackle delays on the King Fahd causeway, Bahrain is taking steps to reduce waiting times and ease congestion on its road link with Saudi Arabia while larger measures are under...

Economic Update | New opportunities open for Islamic banking in Bahrain

15 Aug 2014
With a strong and well established financial services sector, Bahrain’s role in expanding the global reach of sharia-compliant financing looks set to broaden further through three developments firmed...

Economic Update | Bahrain moves to boost digital economy

22 Jul 2014
Efforts to strengthen Bahrain’s digital economy will begin in earnest next year when the kingdom launches a major upgrade of its broadband internet infrastructure.

Economic Update | Non-oil GDP growth picks up the pace in Bahrain

13 Jun 2014
Bahrain beat GDP growth expectations in 2013 and is poised to keep pace with its larger regional neighbours this year, according to a recent report from the country’s Economic Development Board (EDB...