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Economic Update | Des soutiens internationaux viennent étayer les ambitions touristiques de Djibouti

23 Jun 2017
Djibouti Tourism
A l’heure où l’Etat djiboutien poursuit sa politique d’investissement dans le développement touristique, une série de grands projets devrait permettre au pays d’accroître son nombre de visiteurs...

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea taps renewables and gas to satisfy growing energy demand

23 Jun 2017
PNG Renewables
Rising demand and a need to boost connectivity to the national grid are driving rapid expansion in Papua New Guinea’s electricity sector, with a range of sources tapped to meet the government’s power...

Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago seeks to leverage broadband in diversification efforts

23 Jun 2017
Trinidad and Tobago ICT
A national drive is gaining pace in Trinidad and Tobago to prioritise access to data services as an engine for economic growth, part of wider plans to reduce the country’s reliance on hydrocarbons.

Economic Update | Myanmar expands electricity access through small grids

23 Jun 2017
MYanmar Electricity
Investment in off-grid solutions is increasing in Myanmar, as the country seeks to boost connectivity and move towards providing universal access to electricity within 15 years.

Economic Update | Indonesia earmarks investment to become a key maritime player

23 Jun 2017
Indonesia Maritime
Investment in maritime infrastructure and greater support for the shipbuilding industry look set to raise Indonesia’s freight-handling capacity, moving the country closer towards its goal of becoming...

Economic Update | Positive outlook for retail in the Philippines

22 Jun 2017
Philippines Retail
Strong consumer demand and economic expansion should drive further growth in the Philippine retail sector, assisted by increased bank lending and subdued inflation.