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Economic Update | Fourth operator enters Myanmar’s telecoms sector

24 Feb 2017
Myanmar Telecoms
The entrance of a new operator in Myanmar’s telecoms sector has brought a wave of new investment and heightened competition to an already crowded market, promising expanded service options and lower...

Economic Update | Les industriels tunisiens voient la reprise se profiler

24 Feb 2017
Tunisia Industry
Dopé par des volumes d’investissement en hausse, le secteur industriel tunisien prend de l’élan, essentiellement mû par la production de pièces détachées pour des entreprises internationales de...

Economic Update | Surge in Chinese tourism to the Philippines

24 Feb 2017
Philippines Tourism
Warmer ties with China and increased investment may augur a period of sustained growth for the Philippines’ tourism sector, further bolstering its already significant contribution to the economy.

Economic Update | South Africa’s banks buoyed by growth forecasts

24 Feb 2017
South Africa Banking
In a move that bucked broader trends on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), South Africa’s banks saw their share prices jump in 2016, underpinned by a recovery in the commodities market, higher...

Economic Update | Big changes ahead for Saudi Arabia’s health care sector

24 Feb 2017
Saudi Arabia Health Care
Rising consumer demand and an increased role for the private sector look set to drive expansion and open new doors for investors in Saudi Arabia’s health care industry.

Economic Update | Sharjah on the road to stronger ties with international partners

23 Feb 2017
Sharjah trade and investment
Sharjah is actively increasing its profile abroad through trade shows and high-level diplomatic visits in a bid to bolster existing trade and investment partnerships and build new ones.